Inventory of my life



I was awake, couldn’t sleep, I thought about my plan to live a plastic free life, I thought it would be easy, but as I lay down in my bed and had a bigger thought about my plan I was confused. I didn’t really know how much plastic I use in my normal life, so I ran in the kitchen and opened the fridge.

It was time for an inventory of my (plastic)life.

I started to put out everything with plastic packaging. I counted it – 31 pieces with plastic packaging. I also counted the thing in glass bottles, tins, etc.- 15. It wasn’t looking so bad, but as I looked for what’s in the no plastic packaging it wasn’t really stuff to live off -some ketchup, a bottle of wine, elder Sirup, 23 eggs, 2 jam jars, 2 jars of horseradish, 3 jars of pesto – YUMMY

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I thought about the plastic bags I get when I buy something, I went to the shelf where we storage them and started to count them- 18 plastic bags versus 13 paper bags.           It winged my hope to stick with my plan to live a plastic free life.

What an illusion.

I went in the bathroom- i didn’t even count how much plastic I can find. The first look was enough. All my cosmetics are packed in plastic.


 Then there was a little hope as I had a look at the bottled air freshener, it looked safe- but of course, as i opened it, there was a kind of sealing ring – PLASTIC. The last hope was the toilet paper, it looked like just made with recycled paper, but as I thought about the last time I bought toilet paper, of course the toilet paper rolls were packed in PLASTIC.DSCF6477 - Kopie

I got sleppy, I looked at my cellphone- 23.58 o’clock. I realised that my phone is made  of PLASTIC as well. It’s not funny anymore. 😦

I wanted to write about it, switched on the PLASTIC computer at the button- made of PLASTIC. Put in my PLASTIC earphone to listen to music. I typed this text with my PLASTIC keyboard and edited it with my PLASTIC computer mouse. 

Now I will go to bed, with my 100% polyester pyjama trousers an, my 65% polyester/ 30% viscose pyjama shirt and I will cuddle my 100% polyester blanket. And I will have a nightmare made of PLASTIC. Tomorrow I will be alert by my PLASTIC phone.

It’s a doom loop. I have to break the cycle. Somehow I will be able to do so.

Good night





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