Big foot print

After I thought about my plastic consumption yesterday, I wanted to know how sustainable my life really is. So I switched on my computer and searched for a test to measure my ecological footprint. I found hundred of different tests – and I tried many of them – from the “5 min test to silence your conscience” to the “half an hour workout” test.

But they all had a devastating result.

The first test 1) was a short one – just 13 questions. The result was hard to hear, I always thought, that I’m living quite sustainable, but I’m living like we had 3.2 earths – by way of comparison, the average German footprint is 2,88 earths.

I made another test 2)- the result was much “better”, my footprint was just 2.52 earths. It was nice to hear that I’m living more sustainable than the average Germans.

The good feeling suddenly got destroyed, when I made another test 3), it said I’m using 3,44 earths.

I resigned, I swore no more tests, it just could get worser.

After an hour of lying in my bed and thinking what I can change, I really wanted to make another test, I couldn’t resist my feelings, that my life is quite sustainable, and I really wanted to know if my lifestyle is really this bad. I did my last test 4)- the result was ” perfect”, my footprint is “just” 2.1 earths.

Still it’s not perfect, but it’s something to work with.














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