Flower power plastic bottle pot DIY

I was on holiday last week and bought a plastic bottle there, sadly a non returnable one. I took it home with me and now I was thinking what to do with it- throwing it in the trash, didn’t seem to be the ultimate idea.  So I had an idea to recycle the bottle in a nice way. I call it the flower power plastic pot.

All you need is love.

Joking apart – You just need a plastic bottle, an utility knife, some soil and a plant.


1.Step Select a bottle and clean it inside and outside
2. Step Cut the bottle in 2 pieces, make the cut a little bit above the half of the bottle
3. Step Pull the upper part in the lower one Tip: If you remove the screw-cap you can use the lower section as an automatic water management system
4. Step Add some soil and a plant
Tadaaaaaaaaaa You have a nice fower power plastic pot
And if you want you can add a wire, so you can hang your flower power plastic bottle

– Hannah



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