A meeting, an interview and a choice

I made a choice, I will eat vegan for this September.

If you now ask WHY

1. Cause veganism is one of the most sustainable diets

2.I met my cousin today and we went out shopping. Okay it was more sitting around and talking then buying something, but I got a college blog made out of recycled paper.          And while we sat there I thought about interviewing her for this blog, cause she’s a vegan., and she said yes. So now following the interview:

Hey, can you please introduce yourself a little bit.
First of all hello guys! My name is Clara and I am the cousin of Hannah who owns this awesome blog. I am 16 years old and vegan and that’s the reason why I am here today. I recently met up with my cousin an we ended up talking about veganism and for that matter of fact she wanted me to give a short interview and a little insight on being vegan.
For how long have you been a vegan?
I’ve been vegan for one year and three months now.
Do you live vegan or just eat vegan?
I live vegan. That means  I don’t use
any animal products. I don’t buy leather, silk or fur and I only buy cruelty free and vegan cosmetics.
Why have you been decided to live vegan?
Actually I challenged myself to go vegan for one month because I am very interested in nutrition, health and fitness. And during that time I felt incredibly amazing and I educated myself. So I do it for myself, the animals and the planet. Seeing all this advantages I never went back.
Is it hard to live vegan? 
Actually it’s the easiest thing to do. There’s nothing difficult about fruits, vegetables and grains. And even if you’re out and there is no vegan option you can always get creative or you just plan in advance and bring your own food. It’s definitely not impossible.
Is your family supporting your lifestyle?
I am very grateful that I can answer this question with a clear yes. My mum is totally supportive and loves the idea of it. She is all about organic and health but she hasn’t fully transitioned yet. My dad is a more or less convinced omnivore (meat eater) but he accepts the fact that I am vegan and isn’t scared of trying, adding and exchanging some things. But still some of my family members like to comment about it or tease me but that doesn’t get to me most of the time. Since I know what and why I’m doing this and this reason is way bigger than their unwanted opinions.
Are your friends supporting your lifestyle?
Some of my friends kind of admire me for being vegan because they say that they never could become vegan themselves. My other friends just don’t care and that’s fine. In the end it’s your decision what you do (eat) and I don’t tell them what they should do and they don’t tell what I should do.
Do you think there is something missing in your nutrition guide?
No I think I am not missing anything. I am eating a very balanced diet and in my opinion you can never go wrong with unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables and grains. And my blood results tell the same story.
Do you take any dietary supplements?
I only take B12 because it’s not provided in everyday plants. But before someone tells me that B12 is the reason why my lifestyle is “unnatural” let me tell you that most people on this planet have a B12 deficiency no matter what they eat. Also the B12 you consume while eating animal products is also supplemented because the farmers give B12 to their animals.
When will you stop eating vegan ?
At this moment I would say that I am never going to stop. For me personally it’s the best way to live a healthy and happy live saving thousands of animals, the planet and potentially even decreasing world hunger. I love being vegan and that’s the reason why I’m not even thinking about quitting.
A last word?
For the people.
For the animals.
For the planet.

Thank you very much

My lovely cousin also has an awesome Instagram page, where she’s posting photos of her yuuuummy dishes, have a look at her page : goodvibesvegan

So stay up to date to know if my veganism plans are working out. ->https://howtochangeourlives.wordpress.com/my-vegan-diary/










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