Bombastic plastic bag basket DIY

Yes, I sinned.

While I was out shopping with my cousin yesterday, I made a mistake, I bought so much folders for school, that they didn’t fit in my little bagor in my hands, so – sadly- I took a plastic bag for my purchases. And now, one day later I really reget, that choice, cause now I have a plastic bag more in my collection of plastic bags.

But I had an idea on how to upcycle the bag in something more useful, than just being a part of my collection. Now following the bombastic plastic bag basket:

You need:

  1. an old plastic bag,
  2. some glue ( I used superglue)
  3. a scissor
  4. a ruler
  5. and most important: JOY
1. Step: Take an old plastic bag
2. Step: Cut 10-15 (it depends on how high you want it in the end) stripes 30 cm long and 2 cm wide
3.Step: Make a cross, with 2 vertikal and 4 horizontal and glue them together
4. Step: Glue 2 stripes from the rest together


5. Step: Start to weave the first row around to make a basket form ( Tip: glue the beginning and the end of the strips to the fundamental form )
6. Step: When you are finished cut the rest and start with the second row and go on until you have enough
7. Step: when you are finshed, glue the overhanging stripes or cut them of


Congrats!! You got your own bombastic plastic bag basket, you can use it to storage your pencils, make up,… be creative

– Hannah


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