soYA or NO

I was searching for a theme to write about and so I searched deep in my brain and I found a discussing with my cousin ( the vegan one, form a meeting, an interview and a choice) about how sustainable soya is and she told me that she’s not eating soya products, of course in the beginning she ate soya to get in the veganism, but now she is avoiding soya.

If you’re asking now, “sorry, but what is soya ?”, ” hää, what why shouldn’t soya be sustainable?”, “yeah, I heard that soya farming is not that good, but why ?”, or “yeah, I know why soya farming is bad, but aren’t there good sides too ?”, you’ re at the right place  I looked around in the world wide web and I hopefully will answer you your questions.


” Sorry, but what is soya ?”

  1. Soya beans, binomial name Glycine max, are a member of the bean family.
  2. Dry soybeans contain 36% protein, 20% fat, 30% carbohydrates, 9% water and 5% ash
  3. The biggest producer of soybeans is Amerika, closely followed by Brazil
  4. Around 98 % of the soya production is used for livestock and fattening
  5. Just 2 % is used in the food production
  6. The world soybean production of 2016 will be around 324.2 million tons


“hää, what why shouldn’t soya be sustainable?”                                                                  “yeah, I heard that soya farming is not that good, but why ?”

  1. The majority of the soybeans is genetically modified (3/4 of the soybeans cultivated in brazil)
  2. High Pestizide use
  3. In Brazil alone, 2,6 million hectares forest ( manly  rainforests, which are burned down) and nature, are being destroyed for new soya acers
  4. The acers are owned nearly only by major corporations and peasants are getting ousted
  5. Soya beans are mostly grown in monocultures


“yeah, I know why soya is bad, but aren’t there good sides too ?”

  1. Soya can be converted in bio diesel
  2. Soya has many health benifits (e.g. it can lower the breast cancer risk)
  3. Soya can grow nearly all over the world


“So vegans are bad people, cause they eat soay, and meat eaters are more sustainable !”

Nope, I’m sorry to tell you, but vegans are still the more sustainable ones, while you can get 2 kilo tofu out of 1 kilo soya, you can just get 300 gram meat for 1 kilo soya, if you would fatten a pig just with soya.



If you wanna know more:



Vorteile der Sojabohne – Wird sie zu Unrecht schlecht behandelt?







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