My vegan diary

31. Oktober

I`m sorry for not writing so long; the school is really exhausting and I didn`t find some time to write the blog, I hope it gets better, I have holidays now, and hopefully I will post something this week.

To be honest my vegan September, wasn`t always vegan – there was this one weekend, to be more precise this one Saturday – the 17.September- i remember it like it was yesterday. I was at a day-long meeting from AFS, and one of the lovely ladies made her legendary Spagetti with bolognese and chesse sauce. Yup as you can see there wasn`t a vegan sauce and I was really hungry and the chesse sauce smelled soooo good, and yes I ate my Spagetti with chesse sauce……

Two weeks later my vegan self challenge ended:

Conclusion:   It was a great experience while I had holidays, but it became                                            really challenging when the school started again, cause I didn`t had enough                              time to cook  my own food.

What I will take along from the challenge: My love to soy yogurts, they will be my lunch                                                                                  break when I have to eat in school. And I will                                                                                  try to eat as less meat as possible, probably I`m                                                                                  going to be a 6-days a week vegetarian, because                                                                                   once a week I will eat a yummy Döner 🙂




11. September

I woke up late, and so I missed breakfast (the same as nearly everyday in my holidays)

For lunch my father cooked something vegan, tofu with undefinable vegetables, it wasn’t that tasty, but better than the food I ate the last days.

After lunch we went in the city and visited a museum and climbed 270 stairs up to a observation platform, I definitely did my work out for today. For dinner we went to the kebab shop, it was really hard for me, and of course I forgot that ayran ( a turkish drink, made with yogurt, water and salt) is not vegan, so my brother had to remind me after my second sip. While all of my family ate a big Döner, I stayed with my salad and falafel, but it was really hard for me, you should know that Döner is one of favorite meals, and always was the reason, why I couldn’t become a vegetarian, cause I could resist all meat, but not a Döner.

Home again we watched a movie, and besides me on the table there was a really yummy looking cake, yeap as you might think now, I took a slice and …. ate it……. dammm… I didn’t care whether it contained eggs and milk or not…..


Result of the day: I’m a really bad vegan and my self-control is not existing. But as we say in german ” es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen ” – ” no one is born a master” and so I will try to be vegan again and again and hopefully at the end of September I’ll be a self-controlling vegan and I can end this projekt with a ” well done Hannah ”


10. September

I’m feeling better now, and so I wanted to eat again something (-else than yogurt) for lunch, my father prepared lunch, and as we ate he gave me meat, really…..,my parents forgot that I’m vegan so I just ate, again, bread with curry ketchup.

For dinner my parents went out for a birthday party, while I stayed at home and made some spaghetti with tomato sauce, I put too much chili in it- not really tasty anymore

I’m kind pissed of being vegan and I really think about to resign.

Result of the day: it’s probably not my week, so next week just can get better, even if school starts again in 3 days


9. September

I’m still ill.

And as soon as I’m feeling better I will write a letter to the company and complain about, why they have milk in their clear soup. yep I’m still pissed.

Our neighbours came over the later day and brought some cake, of course not vegan.

Result of the day: it’s not my day


8. September

I’m ill.

Food of the day: vegan yogurt, normally I would prefer a clear soup, but the only one we have at home is with milk. Why the f** is milk in a clear soup ??????


7. September

Next day at my grannies : As I woke up I was really hungry, but of course, there was nothing left. That’s why I disassembled the whole kitchen and luckily found a carrot. YEEEAAAH.

For lunch my brother and my cousin, who stayed at our grannies the last week, wanted to cook some meat, what a luck that I could convince my granny to drive me to the next supermarket, where I bought some frozen vegetables and tofu. In the end the tofu was the worst part of the meal and the vegetables were cooked too long. I will never cook again at my grannies- it was disappointing.

At the afternoon we all took the train back, but of course the same as yesterday, we hadn’t any luck with the trains, we took 5 and 4 of them were delayed, after 4 hours driving ( i was really hungry and my cousin and my brother weren’t really nice to me, eating gummibears all the time, I was nearly about to give a f*** about my veganism and just eat one ) we ate breakfast at my cousins ( the cousin, who’s is vegan too, i wrote about her in a meeting, an interview a choice ), and finally I had some good vegan food again.

After the dinner me and my brother drove the last hour to Ingolstadt and I ran to the fridge, to the food I missed at most the last 2 days, soy yogurt ❤


6. September

I woke up, of course again too late, after packing my bags for 2 day and a fast breakfast, my mom drove me to the intercity bus, which drove me from Ingolstadt to Bamberg to meet some good old friends.

Of course the bus drove till midday so I couldn’t grab something for lunch, just my tasty gummi bears, which I forgot yesterday in my bag. After my friends picked me up from the bus station, we went to the next ice creme shop and luckily the offered also 3 sorts of vegan ice, really tasty.

For dinner we went to one of my friend house and made some tasty  potato chips with dip, my friend made a yogurt one for themself and I ate the potatos with curry ketchup – which is definitely my universial food, since I’m vegan ( 3 days now  😀 ), it’s always working on a bread, pasta, to potatos or everything else you can image might taste good with it.

After dinner, i took the train to my granny, it was just a 30 min long ride to Coburg, but of course the train delayed 20 min. So as I finally arrived at my grannies I was kinda hungry again, but she didn’t know that I’m a vegan now, so of course she hadn’t anything to eat for me in her fridge, except 1 apple and 3 peaches, yup, as you can image , I eat them all.


5. September

My phone didn’t ring in the morning, so I woke up a little bit to late so I didn’t have much time for breakfast, so I just ate a mango on my way to the bus, which drove me in the city

In the city, I met my friend and we went shopping a little bit- we didn’t buy so much- just a matching super fluffy jacket. Afterwards we went to a cafe and I was about to order a hot chocolate, when she stopped me, of course I wasn’t thinking about that there’s milk in hot chocolate, so I wanted to order a hot chocolate with soy milk, but of course the chocolate wasn’t vegan. We talked a lot, the time went by and she went home by bus.

So while I was waiting for my bus, I went buying stuff for the dinner. I bought 2 tubs of soy yoghurt, a bottle of corn-milk,  bread, tomatos, carrots, leek and 2 packs of really yummy vegan gummi bears.

As I came home my parents told me they already ate something, so I made something for me alone. I don’t how to call it what I made exactly,´I roasted carrots and leek and put it on some bread, but it was tasty.

The lesson is clear:being vegan makes me really creative regarding to my food.


4. September

I slept too long so I missed breakfast, but my mother made a perfect vegan meal for us for lunch. It was so good, she even made tofu instead of meat.

After lunch we went out to prepare a gospel concert, which was later the day. We also arranged a cake buffet for the choir. It was a tough time for me. My mom gave me a cheesecake slice, forced by habit, I put this slice up to my mouth, 1 second before it touched my teeth, I recognized that it is a cheese cake…… damm. And then my father came up to me to fret me with a big slice of black forest cake, I really regreted that I became a vegan yesterday, why not tomorrow ?!.

For dinner we went out with the choir to a restaurant, which offered a buffet, and of course nearly everthing wasn’t vegan, so at the end I had to eat some rice with tomato salad, but it was kinda tasty, nothing compared to the cutlet with a mushroom cream, which everybody else had.

On the way back home I drived with my dad, you have to know, that my dad always has some chocolate in his car and I always eat one. So I also took out of habbit one today, i ripped of the paper, it felt a kind of wrong, but before I could think about what was the reason, I had the chocolate in my mouth…….damm, it was to late.

Result of the day: nobody’s perfect but I will give my best



My mom woke me up today at – mhm, I don’t when, but it was a way too early. and she said we will have family breakfast in bed, so I pick my blanket and went to my parents bed. And guess what my father prepared for breakfast – a muesli with yogurt and bread with omelette. Result 1. day 1. food:  a glass of water

“Okay lunch, give it all a new try “- thats what I thought when I went down the kitchen. My father made a “pizza roll” with vegetables, after a closer look at the ingredients of the premade pizza dough the devastrating result: contains eggs….. damm. So I made some frozen vegetables for myself, I know it’s not sustainable to buy frozen vegetables. But in the end it looked good and didn’t taste this bad.

Dinner: while my parents ate some reeeeally good looking meat, I had to stay with a bread, some ketchup and mustard, cause we didn’t had any vegan thing to put on a bread.